Camp starts in -


How can I tell if my child is ready for camp?

If they are asking for sleep-away – they are most probably ready! Encourage sleepovers and discuss camp regularly. Call us to schedule a director visit by clicking here.

How can I communicate with my child at camp?

We have 1 phone call per session, along with daily one way email. We also upload 350-400 photos per day for you to see at home. Lastly, don’t forget the power of old school mail – still a huge thing at camp!

Do you have health staff at camp?

We have 4 nurses, along with a doctor on staff.

What if my child does not like what is served for a meal?

Check out our sample menu here and be sure to read up on all of the substitutes. We look to partner with you and do what you do at home so there’s nothing we can’t handle.

Can you accommodate food allergies at camp?

Absolutely! Click here to learn more.

Does my family have to be Jewish to attend camp?

Camp Poyntelle is a Values Driven Jewish camp. While most of the children are Jewish, it is not required. Our level of religious observance is closer to reform and focuses greatly on family, values and giving back to the world at large. Our universal values of Kindness, Independence, Empathy and Confidence permeate all we do!

Can my child extend their stay at camp if they are having a great time?

Yes, simply contact Tom, Adam, or Sarah at camp!

Do you post photos of the children during the summer?

Definitely! We post anywhere from 350-450 photos per day via our Parent Dashboard.

Do you have a visiting day?

We do – it is typically the 3rd Sunday of July.

Do you offer scholarship assistance?

Due to our super competitive pricing structure, we offer Scholarship Assistance to campers 6th grade and up. We use FACTS Management to process all of our scholarship applications. Please click here to learn more.