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Hall of Fame

Congratulations to the first class of inductees into the Camp Poyntelle Alumni Hall of Fame!

Ethel Abrams

Ethel Abrams was a true pioneer in Jewish summer camp who served as the Executive Director for Camp Poyntelle-Ray Hill throughout the 1950’s – 1970’s. Being the daughter of a builder, she is credited not only as the visionary for Lewis Village, but as the general contractor for this incredibly special summer home for Jewish teens. Ethel was a fearless, no nonsense leader who in the early camp days handpicked her campers from Jewish, NYC families in need. Without Ethel’s vision, fortitude, and commitment to camp, CPLV would not be what it is today.

Rosanne Gromadski Bogard

Rosie LOVES Camp Poyntelle. She was a lifelong camper, staff member and division head at CPLV from 1984-2000. For the past ten years, Rosanne (Rosie) Bogard LMSW, served as the district social worker for the Lawrence Public Schools, where she managed and chaired CSE’s for all out of district students, was the transition coordinator, and more recently the CPSE chairperson. Currently, Rosanne is a school social worker for the Lynbrook Public Schools and holds the New York State Certification in School Administration. Rosanne also helped develop a recreational program for students with special needs in Roslyn, New York. Rosanne is currently still in camping as the girls head counselor at Iroquios Springs.

Ellen and Paul Schlank

Ellen and Paul have been lifelong educators, both in camp and in the outside world. Ellen and Paul lived and worked at CPLV for many years. They were counselors from 1968-69, and then they both Head of LV from 1984-1992. Ellen is currently the Director of the Janice M. Lustig Early Childhood Center at Midway Jewish Center, and Paul is a retired teacher who taught gifted and talented children for many, many years. I have learned an immeasurable amount from my years of working with them.

Michael Steuerman

Michael Steuerman not only taught the swimming at camp he felt that the accomplishment of the skill and the confidence gained in acquiring that skill was a road map to all accomplishments throughout ones life. He continued to encourage and promote empowerment of people throughout his lifetime. He was a community college teacher, coach, Dean of students, Athletic Director of the CUNY system.

Julie Steuerman Torregrossa

Julie embodies all the goodness camp believes! She was a camper at Poyntelle and Lewis Village. After that she was an LIT and worked in leadership roles on the waterfront! She and her family are educators and leaders in their chosen communities, but for a long time, CPLV was their summer home. Julie does all she does without fanfare or accolades and has an amazing, caring and loving spirit. Julie has an infectious smile that embrace all who come into contact with her. Teacher, physical therapist, mother, wife, she does it all!!