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Important Dates & FAQs

Important Dates – 2023

Event Date
Support Staff Arrival (Kitchen, Maintenance & Housekeeping) June 8th (other options available)
Division Head / Outdoor Adventure / Waterfront Staff Arrival June 12th
Athletics / Arts / Media Staff Arrival June 14th
General Counselor Arrival June 18th
Opening Day! June 25th


How many staff work at Camp Poyntelle & where do they come from?

Each summer we hire approximately 110 staff members to join our community. About 25% of those staff grew up at camp have returned as staff members. We also hire college age staff from across the United States and abroad from countries including England, Ireland, Wales, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa & Israel! We are very proud of our diverse staff and feel that it offers both our campers and other staff members a unique opportunity to experience different cultures!

Can I seek internship credit at Camp Poyntelle?

Absolutely! Each year we partner with colleges and universities to welcome students studying lots of different subjects! Would you like to work with us, and receive college credit at the same time? Our wide range of positions makes camp a great fit for all sorts of backgrounds. In fact, we have welcome students to camp with the following majors/internship focuses:

  1. Primary & Secondary Education
  2. Environmental Sciences & Conservation
  3. Outdoor Education
  4. Hospitality Management
  5. And much more!

Where is Camp Poyntelle located?

We are located in Poyntelle, PA, approximately 1 hour from Binghamton, NY & Scranton, PA. We are approximately 3 hours from both New York City & Philadelphia.

Where will I live at camp?

As a counselor, you live in a bunk area with 10-12 children and 2-4 other staff members. Our bunk areas are newly renovated and bathrooms are inside the cabins. Our Area Director & Division Head positions are “non-bunk.”

How do I get to camp?

On each staff arrival day we offer a 5pm pickup from Newark Airport for any staff member flying. We also have staff who drive to camp. In order to help offset the cost of transportation we offer a Travel Reimbursement up to $400 for all staff. (Staff from NY, NJ, PA, CT, and 1 st year international staff are not eligible for Travel Reimbursement)

How do I stay in touch with my family & friends while at camp?

Our staff lounge has wifi and staff lockboxes. This is where you would keep your phone for use during your time off.

What are the Poyntelle campers like?

Most of our campers come from the New York area including Forest Hills, Downtown Brooklyn, Long Island, Westchester, New York City, and New Jersey. We also have campers from Philadelphia, South Florida and as far away as Israel, Brazil & France! Our campers come from all walks of life and are typically Jewish through culture and tradition. Our staff either grew up at camp or are from all over the world so we have a very diverse staff population!

Will I have time off and what can I do during that time?

Yes! We recognize the importance of giving our staff time to relax and unwind. Our staff each have 5 days off a summer (one day a week excluding the first and last week of camp.) During your days and evenings off you are permitted to leave camp property. We provide transportation to a different location on each staff day off. Camp Poyntelle is only 3 hours from both Philadelphia & New York City making them popular destinations. Many of our staff also enjoy exploring Ithaca, Binghamton, NY, or staying more local and exploring one of the state parks in the area. In addition to your days off, you will have one period, or about 45 minutes, off each day. We have a staff activities coordinator on our team that works hard to make sure that your time off is enjoyable!