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I don’t think there’s been any one single experience that has defined who I am more than Camp Poyntelle.

I started in the junior boys in 1989 and stayed through my entire adolescence and early adulthood as full-time camp staff.  My time at Camp Poyntelle went on and on, with more twists and turns than the Lewis road!  

The memories are too many to mention and I get nostalgic all the time.  The 6 train at 5pm feels a bit like my LIT shack and there are songs that I hear on the radio to this day that take me right back to that summer’s Maccabiah alma mater (I literally can’t hear any Chicago songs!)

Thanks to Camp Poyntelle for inspiring my creative spirit, making me friends for life, and starting me on my career path! 

Matt Dorter (Camp Poyntelle 89-04, 07-10) is the Executive Director of mainstages, a theater company that works with camps nationwide. He lives in Astoria, NY with his wife Olivia and their troublemaking 3 year old son, Jules.

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