Camp has started!

Camp is special to me because of the lake, Shabbat spot, and my friends.  It is also special to me because it’s like my home away from home. When I first started, I was scared and nervous to be away from home and my dogs and my parents.  It was my first time away, and I didn’t know what to expect. On the first day, I made new friends and loved my bunk!  I especially loved sleeping on the top bunk.

What I love about camp is that I get to try new things!  Colorwar is my favorite!  I also love outdoor adventure (OA), waterfront, and arts and crafts!  I made cool projects in woodworking, too, and even like the camp food (especially the pierogies)!

My favorite camp memory was the last night of camp.  At the end of the summer, we hold a special ceremony where we light a fire in the shape of the year, and call it “Burnout.”  On that night, we get to talk about our special camp memories and what we will miss. I loved hearing everyone’s stories and looking forward to next year!  I know that I will always have camp.  It is my happy place!  I love Camp Poyntelle!


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Shoshana Bidner


"I think there is no wrong time to come to camp. If you are starting in eighth grade or in first grade, Camp will be fun and make for some great memories."

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Hope Friedman

Plainview, New York


"When I went to camp I was shy and didn’t know anyone. But after one week I knew poyntelle was going to be my second home! I made so many memories and I always leave counting down the days in till next summer."

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