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I came from another camp when my Mom sent me to Camp Poyntelle back in 1997. I knew absolutely no one when I got on the bus that June. Despite being skeptical, and expecting to make it a one summer stay, I had just enough fun, and had some incredible counselors that I ended up giving it another shot in 1998. Fast forward to August of 2005. I spent 9 incredible years in camp….as a camper, Junior Boys counselor, and Junior Boys Division Head.

There is not enough “thanks” I can bestow on my Mom for finding Camp Poyntelle for me. My closest friends are those I met spending summers in Poyntelle. Many of us live blocks away from each other in NYC, some with children, some already out in the suburbs, but we talk and see each other weekly. We’ve celebrated Sweet 16’s together, college graduations together, weddings together, and births together. I was roomates with my two best friends I met in camp in NYC for 6 years. I’ve employed past campers as interns, attended some of their Bar Mitzvahs, and have kept in touch with a few as they’ve grown from 9 year olds to 25 year olds.

Camp Poyntelle was incredible for me. It taught me leadership, how to be a better person, and gave me lifelong memories. I remember my alma maters, comedy songs, and never hesitate to remind my friends that I’m still the only 3x Maccabiah Captain on Poyntelle side….even if my record was 1-2. I’m so lucky to have found this place.

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Camp is where you are able to find your best friends for life.

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Peter Smith

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I like how camp welcomes everyone to the camp family.

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