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When I first started camp I was only 7. I was signed up for two weeks originally, but I got to camp and instantly fell in love. I loved everything about it! The bunks, waterfront, sports, crafts, amazing friends, and so much more. My three older sisters were also at camp, and I was so happy to finally be at camp too! When I had my first phone call, I asked my mom if I could stay for four weeks instead of two, and she said, “Absolutely!” I was so happy! Then, a short while later, it was my birthday. I didn’t know what to expect! My bunk had OA, basketball, and arts and crafts. Soon enough it was time for lunch, but my bunk, G1, stayed outside. We got a special pizza lunch and my family sent me presents and made fun birthday tee shirts for everyone in my bunk! Plus, all of my sisters came to celebrate with me! Camp made my birthday so special! I had my birthday phone call later that day and asked my parents if I could stay for the full summer. They stopped for a second, I think they were shocked! They asked if I was sure about it, and I said YES! Happily, they said okay and I was so excited! I almost screamed! My counselor was with me and asked what happened and I told her I was going to be staying full summer and then she almost screamed too! I went back to my bunk and told everyone! After my birthday, every day was even more fun, but it went so fast. Soon enough it was August and time for the bus ride home. I was so sad to leave and I was already counting down the days until next summer! That was four years ago, and Camp Poyntelle is still the place I love to be every summer! I can’t wait for summer number 5!

Ella T., age 10

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Sophie Luce

East Meadow, NY


"Camp is so special to me because of the lake, Shabbat spot, and my friends. Camp was the best time of my life!! It is my happy place!"

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Brandon Birk

Old Bethpage, NY


"Camp makes me happy because I am with all of my best friends all day and night. I am counting the seconds until I go back next summer."

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