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Camp has always been a part of me since G-1. I always look forward to camp when I’m at home because I made so many friends and these friendships last forever.

Something I will always remember is the first camping trip. The camping trip helped me to get closer to the girls in my division.

I was assigned a tent with 5 girls and a counselor. Setting up the tent helped me get to know the girls in my tent especially because our tent never stayed up. We laughed so much when we were setting up it up but eventually it worked and it was really big! I slept next to my new friend Ella T – we played card games all night long. Plus, two of the girls in the other bunk were in my tent and the camping trip helped to make us all the best of friends.

For dinner we had hot-dogs and hamburgers. Then we had a campfire: we sang campfire songs and played hand games. Going to the bathroom was a challenge, though. Ella and I went to the bathroom in the woods together every time. Both of us were very scared but it was an interesting change from normal anyway! And the next day for breakfast we had delicious pancakes. Sadly the camping trip was coming to an end but happily we got a hay ride back to camp!

Overall, the camping trip was just one of many ways that the staff at Poyntelle try to organize activities that can reinforce friendships and build unlikely relationships… even in just a couple of days! Camp goes by really quickly so remember to treasure every second that you can and make sure that it counts!

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East Meadow, NY


"Camp is so special to me because of the lake, Shabbat spot, and my friends. Camp was the best time of my life!! It is my happy place!"

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Brandon Birk

Old Bethpage, NY


"Camp makes me happy because I am with all of my best friends all day and night. I am counting the seconds until I go back next summer."

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