Camp in itself is a unique experience but Camp Poyntelle adds something extra to it.

I’ve had the chance to meet so many people from around the world, people that I can now call my bestfriends. I’ve had the chance to do things I never thought I would do, and to overcome things I never knew could be an obstacle.

Camp Poyntelle is an atmosphere that’s allowed me to both teach and be taught by those around me. An environment where it’s okay to wear a bedsheet as a cape for colour war, a place that contains some of the brightest and amazing people, both campers and staff.

My time as a counsellor has taught me that nothing is predictable but that everything is special, each minute spent with a camper, every day doing something you love and each new week that holds some new adventure.

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Brian Rappaport

Jericho, LI (NY)



Camp Poyntelle was incredible for me. It taught me leadership, how to be a better person, and gave me lifelong memories.

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Dylan Hunte

London, United Kingdom


Camp forces you to grow as an individual and work as a team with others through every experience.

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