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My name is Micah Bidner, I live in Plainview. For the last three summers i’ve been going to the best place on earth…Camp Poyntelle!

Every summer my sister Talia would go away. I would always miss her, actually one summer I was going home from visiting day and I started to cry! Little did I know how much fun she was having! The next summer my mom asked me if I wanted to go. I was hesitant but finally agreed since both my sisters would be there with me. The day we went to the bus top I immediately started to cry. I was so scared and sad to leave my parents! I cried the whole bus ride but when we arrived at camp I was immediately welcomed and I met all my counselors! That was the day that I met some of my greatest friends! There were so many activities I had never done before! I had so much fun that summer and whenever I was homesick there would always be a fun activity to cheer me up! That summer I ended up extending and I was so sad to leave! That meaning 10 for 2 really does apply, I count the days till I’m back at that magical place, a place where you make everlasting friendships and memories!

I’m sure you have heard stories like this at every camp but at Camp Poyntelle is the best place on earth! Camp Poyntelle, a place where you make everlasting friendships, amazing memories and always have fun!

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Sophie Luce

East Meadow, NY


"Camp is so special to me because of the lake, Shabbat spot, and my friends. Camp was the best time of my life!! It is my happy place!"

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Brandon Birk

Old Bethpage, NY


"Camp makes me happy because I am with all of my best friends all day and night. I am counting the seconds until I go back next summer."

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