I’m Shoshana Bidner and I have been going to Camp Poyntelle since 2016. I was always hesitant to go to sleep away camp. When I was younger, the fear of leaving home made it almost impossible for me to sleep anywhere besides my own home. Some of my friends at school have gone to camp and said how great of an experience it was, but that never seemed to make me want to go. It was not until I went to the camp reunion, January of my seventh-grade year, that I decided I wanted to go to camp.

When I first went to camp poyntelle, I knew one person and my sister. My younger sister has been going to camp longer than I have so she knew most of the people in my bunk. When I first met everyone they seemed nice and friendly. As time passed, we all started getting closer. Today, those girls I met 3 years ago, are some of my best friends. I talk to them almost every day and I am so grateful for all of them.

I have so many great memories from Camp Poyntelle. From rainy days and playing cards on the bunk floor to trips to Washington Dc. Everything that we do together is always fun. I am counting down the days until I can be back with my friends having another summer of a lifetime.

Although some may have said I came to camp late, I think there is no wrong time to come to camp. If you are starting in eighth grade or in first grade, Camp will be fun and make for some great memories.

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Camp goes by really quickly so remember to treasure every second that you can and make sure that it counts!

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Plainview, NY


"Camp Poyntelle, a place where you make everlasting friendships, amazing memories and always have fun!"

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