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Camp Poyntelle | Jul 20

Innovation among Campers

Three interboys from B6 – Ollie Rosenthal, Josh Lipetz and Leo Ben-Avi (left to right) – talk about how they took things that we see everyday (rocks) and made them into art, showing that while camp provides a lot of routine and scheduled fun, it also provides the opportunity for creativity from its campers during their free time…

This business started three years ago, the day after gold rush – a Poyntelle evening activity involving coloured rocks, competitive mindsets and prizes. One of us, Josh, was walking to the drama auditions and saw a pile of rocks that were used during gold rush. He decided to take a few of them and paint them. He used hair spray from color war and sharpies to customize them. After a while, he invited his friends, Ollie Rosenthal and Leo Ben-Avi to help him. Together, we made it into a business.

Kids all around camp come to get their customized rocks like the one shown above with whatever words and colors they want. When finding out someone wants a rock, we spray-paint the rock with whatever color our customer wants. Then we use our special rock/ brick markers to design the rocks with words, numbers and patterns and we deliver the gifts.

Painting rocks is a good way to express artistic ability while also collaborating with friends. Our business has shown that it’s possible to be creative and original within camp beyond the activities that we’re told to do. We took the opportunity to work on something we enjoy and we did so by working together. Above all, painting rocks has created a strong relationship between us three – and even the people we are selling rocks to, and shows how we’ve used our own creativity combined with what we learn in things like Arts & Crafts to transform something dull into a cool decorated object to give to other people in our free time!