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Camp Poyntelle | Jul 30

Self-Reflection and the Five Camp Values

Ariela, Eleanor, and Maxine from Junior Girls talk about self-reflection and meditation, practices that are nurtured at camp, especially by Jodi’s wellfullness program, and which help campers to attain the five values set out by CP in their values statements…

What is self reflection? For starters, Merriam Webster defines self-reflection as one’s beliefs or motives; as a mode of introspection. Self-reflection can even help improve every aspect of one’s life and it allows one to take some moments to think about what we should be grateful for, at camp and at home, and how we can be the best version of ourselves.

Sh’ma yisrael adonai eloheinu adonai echad. 

To encourage self-reflection, we have learnt at camp how to do a relaxation meditation. Stop, close your eyes, and listen to the noises around you. Breathe in the surroundings around you. Feel the grass, feel the breeze and breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Think about the happy moments in your life. What makes you happy? What do you dislike and how can you change those things? Discuss with a partner or someone you trust any thoughts that you are willing to share.

This meditation helps you control your feelings and issues you are dealing with in your life. Here are some meditation ideas:

  • What is my top goal right now? What action should I take first?
  • What is my greatest fear, and how can I fix it?
  • What does my typical day look like? How can I make more space in my life for the things that I love?
  • What brings me the most joy? How can I make time for it?
  • Is my goal realistic? can I achieve it?

Self-reflection connects to kindness, empathy, leadership, responsibility and independence because it helps you become a better person. You can be mindful so you have patience with the world and what is going on around you. Furthemore, those five values are our camp values and they are very important to every person living on this wonderful planet. They not only help with an individual’s character-building but with the fostering of good relations all round.