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Before camp started my dad told me that it would be the best summer of my life and it was.  But I didn’t believe him. On the day that we left for camp I was crying like crazy. I was so scared that I went back to the car.  My dad forced me to get on the bus.  On the way there, I was scared but was really exited to see what camp was like.

I had made so many friends within the first week even though I was still really homesick. When I was homesick one of my best friends, Jack, really helped me. By the second week of camp I had already made a ton of friends. When I was sad, they were always there for me. When I was all alone, they would come hang out with me.

Some of the amazing activities are Outdoor Adventure, Arts and Crafts and the lake. I loved Outdoor Adventure because they give you a variety of options that are all really fun. I also loved Arts and Crafts because they give you a variety of options. If you don’t want to do one thing there is always something else to do there. Finally, I love the lake because it took me a while to pass the deep-water test but, once I did, I was able to go in the water and have a great time.

Some of the best memories I have had in camp was once, when it was raining, we all went to the football field and played a game of ultimate football in the rain. When we were done, we went sliding in a huge puddle.

I also really enjoyed Friday night Shabbat services and dinner.  I love doing Shabbat services outside where everyone can sing.  And there’s so much food.  Cantor Bill makes it so much fun.

Anyone considering a sleepaway camp should come to Camp Poyntelle.  The kids are friendly, the activities are fun and the Jewish spirit is so nice.

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Sophie Luce

East Meadow, NY


"Camp is so special to me because of the lake, Shabbat spot, and my friends. Camp was the best time of my life!! It is my happy place!"

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Brandon Birk

Old Bethpage, NY


"Camp makes me happy because I am with all of my best friends all day and night. I am counting the seconds until I go back next summer."

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