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Camp Poyntelle | Aug 15

Things We Like About Camp

Peter Smith, Kevin Kerman and Judah Deutsch from B6 write about a range of things that they enjoy at camp and why they adopt the slogan ’10 for 2′ which relates to the 10 months spent at home in comparison to the brilliant 2 months spent at camp…

The activities at Camp are very fun and exciting and very easy for all campers to experience regardless of ability. There are many things to do such as:

  •  Outdoor Adventure (OA),
  • the waterpark, lake and pool,
  • the play, which this year included The Lion King, Hairspray and Annie,
  • Arts and Crafts – including art, blogging, cooking, imagineering, and woodworking,
  • and a wide variety of sports.

These are all a small part in what makes the Camp Poyntelle experience special to every camper/counselor that partakes in the Camp Poyntelle adventure year after year. At Camp Poyntelle we try our best not only to ensure that each camper has the best summer experience possible, but also that they’ll have lifelong friends and memories that all date back to their first summer at Camp.

Essentially, camp, for us, is not only about the activities we do everyday, or the meals we eat and the evening activities. For us, it’s about the people we meet. Almost every kid in my bunk is my friend, and the counselors help me progress through camp. Every year, things change. Some things will make us unhappy, but our friends will be there to support us. Things will get better as the years progress too. Camp is our home away from home. I always think of my times at camp when I feel sad, and it will be that way in the future. 10 for 2.